The sound and film recording, the written and drawn trace, the fortuitous capture hold
an essential place in my work with the narrative enigma.

By nourishing an impossible mourning of time, they question the present moment in its infinite track for what has been.
Combining living and dying at the same time, I use the archive to confront it with the flow of
the here-now in situations, installations and “extended” videographic devices.

Currently a producer, I work on giving visual and sound frames to the moment in collaborative performative processes within the transdisciplinary label WILDWEED Productions.
I teach videography and an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art school at Beaux-arts de Liège.

PEAU, solo exhibition Les Drapiers gallery, Liège
PEAU, booklet – Hématomes editions

founder of the label WILDWEED PRODUCTIONS
Still, solo exhibition Nilsson & Chinglien gallery, Paris
La dernière image, solo exhibition L’Assaut de la Menuiserie, Saint Etienne + eponymous book, Yellow Now editions
curator, Les Brasseurs contemporary art, Liège
Fantômes, solo exhibition Les Brasseurs, Liège
teacher at Beaux-arts de Liège
speaker in the video-documentary workshop Les Yeux de l’Ouïe, La Santé prison, Paris
residence at La Source (G.Garouste), Verneuil-sur-Avre, France
autonomous educational workshop, Kinal Antzeti’k association, Chiapas, Mexico
Fulbright grant in Navajo and Hopi territories, Commission Franco-American university exchange program, United States
masters scholarship at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
diplôme national supérieur d’arts plastiques, ÉNSBA, Paris

Paris, 1867
lives and works in Brussels and Liege