book, 64 pages
Hématomes éditions, 2022

Peau is a book of covers.
Covers manipulated, transported, covering thirty years of my pages.
Surfaces of cardboard, paper, leather, metal, plastic that protect writings, drawings, collages, memos, erasures, omissions… factually invisible here but contained within by these skins that give themselves to be seen, almost to be touched.
Liminal, simple and complex, they are a spectrum of my routes.
Beacons of outdated or suspended time, these covers draw a timeline of the presents who have tattooed him.
The trace of the moment in the accidental or voluntary gesture of the fold, the claw, the stain is recorded there on the object.
Rafts of pockets carried and carried away, these skins are a portrait of a crossing.


Lymph, extract #2

An autobiographical gesture
a passport photo whose outlines are too neat
a criminal calligraphy
like a spurt of dark sperm
Catherine Lemaire, excerpt from PEAU postface,
Hématomes éditions (2022)