individual exhibition, May-June 2022 at Les Drapiers gallery, Liège (Belgium)

Set of parts, canvas of intuitive and semantic rhizomes.
PEAU is defined as a film, the recording of a transparent skin that the present prints.
A surface containing and protecting a body. An interface of items testifying to its exposure-reaction to time.
Peau brings together a book, objects, words, drawings, impressions, sound and film flows.
I brought together at Les Drapiers elements of this set in a hoped-for non-literal or illustrative form in order to make possible and visible a poetry often trying to emerge in the infra-thin, beyond an overly overwhelming thematic concept that could no doubt easily lead him astray in the avenue of vanities that so much pillars our human condition.
These elements, images of current working documents and/or older artefacts, make up a palette of tangible objects that are articulated in their display and space each time differently, reactive to my present and to the place that welcomes them. .
The eponymous booklet is published by Hématomes éditions

Peau #1

Les Drapiers, 2022