is a book of covers.
Covers handled, worn, which have seen my pages open and close for thirty years, from 1993 to today.
These cardboard, paper, leather, plastic and metal surfaces contain and protect writings, collages, drawings, memos that are factually invisible in this book project but clearly present by the synthetic and liminal eloquence of these covers in their materials, textures, colors. and patinas that illustrate my geopoetic routes and their spectrum.
Beacons of my times, these skins are both a collection and a timeline of the imprints of the present that is imprinted, tattooed, recorded there.
Containing the now inert body of a present that has become past, they show its trace in the voluntary or fortuitous gesture of the fold, the claw, the gluing and the stain in the object transported-carried away by the moment that is there. is serious.
As in front of a recent canvas or of several centuries, where, tired of the figurative representation, I discover a hair of a brush trapped in the material deposited by the painter. Witness to the mark of the instant of his gesture, this hair mixed with the trace of the brush gives me an essential emotional tremor in the evidence of the immanence of time.
These skins, which I then wanted in a plastic sobriety or ostentatious materials and ornaments, sign the times crossed in these thirty years that they cover.
A universe of pockets and saddlebags, together they form a unique portrait.


Publication project