10’36, 2021
©WILDWEED Productions

A film of a dream with a dyschronic narrative.
A dream of which I have never managed to hold or want a meaning, captured one night after waking up with a dictaphone within reach of my hand.

The Oora’s dream is the quest for an enigma that is not meant to be revealed. It has no answer.
Its quest is his research, his invention.
The film unfolds a thread of visions dissecting a dream told with eyes open without hearing its meaning, in more or less audible words that we try to hear and understand.
The dream does not have the intention of necessarily being elucidated, it can represent an enigma that it is not to be discovered but to be taken differently among the flow of mental images crossed.
Images linked and read in terms of the associations they generate, in a cosmogony of signs and images that meet those of the viewer.
Extracted from a corpus that fed my devices, these recordings are revealed here for the first time in an autonomous film.

Oora is the name of a child I met in this dream.
The last words of the recording say “.. it’s an Oora”.
These words are not heard in the film, because they are its enigma.
I met this child again 22 years later in another dream.
The film was then imposed, necessary.
Far from wanting to illustrate a sound flow bringing together elements of a dream story with a flow of images from personal archives, I seek to pose in this short film essay a form, a perhaps manifest document, whose narration or factual, nor fictional, is underpinned by the primer created by the imprint of a voice recounting an already-memory at its moment of springing up, already producing and articulating mental associations.
On the sound sheet of this flow, in the hum of time slowed down to the extreme, the past speaks to the present, which responds to it.
The sound part juxtaposes and mixes the words of the story which sometimes split to invent a strange echo of themselves.

Images question me. I try to approach them by diving into their textures, slowly looking for the time that is abstracted in the tenuous parts of the pixelated plots.
Trigger of what they give to see together, showing without demonstrating, these images combine in mirror of themselves.
This endless film obviously does not aim for a frustrating hermeticism for those in search, waiting for another narration.
I hope for the liminal prehension that the visit of an enigma can offer.