Jérôme Mayer / Farida Amadou


Two artists. Two.

Farida’s strings are on the inside.
The corporeal sounds and music she gives travel through her stomach and all stomachs. She creates a present that will only offer itself once.
Once more, perpetually.
I make images of the inside, playing with the flow of the present. What I film, while thinking of forever, exists now.
My vision slides, folds, pulls, and swallows the movement of time. A starved race. It plunges into the fragility of bodies and landscapes.

Hand-to-hand with a moment of grace, Y-[u]: we are two beings in sensual combat with animality.
Within the sublime, furious life at the end of the present moment; the possibility of death. Ubiquitous, sonic, titanic, performative, cinematic and dramaturgical.

> Filmed Performances and more

A bass guitar, a body, a face. A camera staring at an instant which is caressed and attacked. Hands slide and squeal, hammering bass and space.
Another camera follows in catharsis; the instruments fuse at a glance.
Sound’s breath within the images; contagion from trembling bodies.
Seizing the time of the performance.

> 17 seconds, film in process

In the time of the present that is recorded – the reactivated instant – this film tests the paradoxes of the simultaneous,
rhythmical asymmetries of short moments of life filmed daily by both of us.
Textures lifted out of every day; bicephalous chapters.
An introduction to sound-visions and long, burning sequences.
Filmed witness to our lives and our stories. In vivo.
Like its length, it evolves with us.

> Stage Set-up

Performative devices. Images, rays and time-codes react together with the sound performance, highlighting it or eclipsing it.
Tension and balance in synergy. The colors, the sound’s intensity and the structural rhythm trigger the images’ appearance and disappearance.
Duo; duels with light and shadow.
Sparks, vibrations, fusions, distortions.


6’15 – May 9 2020



4’03 – April 29 2020



4’46 – November 7 2019



17’47 – November 11 2019
An instrument, a body, a face. Hands slide and squeal, hammering bass and space.
Time which is caressed and attacked. Fusion and contagion at a glance. Body-quake.



18’17 – October 24 2019
Les Brasseurs (Liège, Belgium)

6’15 – May 2020
(Brussels, Belgium)

4’03 – May 2020
(Brussels, Belgium)

8’38 – April 2020
(Brussels, Belgium)

5’43 – June 2020
(Brussels, Belgium)