Jérôme Mayer / Farida Amadou


Two artists. Two.

Farida’s strings are on the inside.
The corporeal sounds and music she gives travel through her stomach and all stomachs. She creates a present that will only offer itself once.
Once more, perpetually.
I make images of the inside, playing with the flow of the present. What I film, while thinking of forever, exists now.
My vision slides, folds, pulls, and swallows the movement of time. A starved race. It plunges into the fragility of bodies and landscapes.

Hand-to-hand with a moment of grace, Y-[u]: we are two beings in sensual combat with animality.
Within the sublime, furious life at the end of the present moment; the possibility of death. Ubiquitous, sonic, titanic, performative, cinematic and dramaturgical.

6’15 – May 9 2020



4’03 – April 29 2020



4’46 – November 7 2019



17’47 – November 11 2019
An instrument, a body, a face. Hands slide and squeal, hammering bass and space.
Time which is caressed and attacked. Fusion and contagion at a glance. Body-quake.



18’17 – October 24 2019
Les Brasseurs (Liège, Belgium)

8’38 – April 2020
(Brussels, Belgium)

5’43 – June 2020
(Brussels, Belgium)