PEAU is a device.
It presents a set of parts, frameworks of intuitive and semantic rhizomes.
Peau can be defined as a dandruff, the recording of a transparent film that time prints.
A surface containing and protecting a body producing an interface of items presenting its exposure to time.
The device deploys a book (Hématomes editions, publication scheduled for May 2022), objects, writings, drawings, impressions, sound and film flows.
This corpus will be delivered to view in my layouts and associations in the exhibition spaces that will host it.

The images that follow here represent elements of this set, resulting from an ongoing process for more than twenty years in the light of my relationship to time, its traces and recordings.
I decided to bring them together today in a hoped-for non-literal or illustrative form in order to make possible and visible a poetry often trying to emerge in the infra-thin, beyond a concept or a theme. too overwhelming that could probably easily mislead him in the avenue of vanities that columns our human condition in many artistic expressions.

These elements, images of current working documents and/or older artefacts, make up a palette of tangible objects that are articulated in their display and spatialization each time differently.
They are reactive to my present in my understanding of the historical and topological dimensions of the places of installation.

PEAU will be presented at Les Drapiers gallery in Liège(BE) in May and June 2022 then in the Le Clignoteur space in Brussels in September and October.
More information very soon.


Device, 2022